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Poster: mlinksva Date: Feb 25, 2004 1:36am
Forum: freecache Subject: Re: illegal content

I could be wrong, but my understanding is that freecache can't be used to *hide* content, legal or not. The originating website is visible in the URL and must remain up or freecache will stop caching the file. If the content really is illegal presumably it will eventually disappear from the originating website.

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Poster: bobsmith Date: Feb 25, 2004 10:08am
Forum: freecache Subject: Re: illegal content

it's not that hiding the files is the problem, it's the huge spike in bandwidth from the files. I am currently sending out about 40Mbps on one of my caches due to a popular(?) 400MB file. I don't mind sharing the bandwidth for something useful like or the mars rover stuff, but this is ridiculous. If you look at the detailed stats page, you'll see what i'm talking about.